Summer Solstice Gong Bath


Welcome to our Summer Solstice Gong Bath. Come and feel the sounds and the energies of the Gongs as we enjoy this longest day which is full of the virtues of life.... full of everything that we seek, full of everything that we crave. Let go of everything that has gone before us so we can openly accept all things that we desire...

weather depending we will try to play outside in the gardens of our 16 century Farmhouse. We have a nice thick yoga mat for you so please just bring a pillow, blanket, a bottle of water and maybe an eye mask with you, cozy and comfortable is the aim. The session lasts for an hour with the Gong being played for about 50mins. We then have a relaxing tea or coffee before heading home at 9pm

Throughout history many cultures have used sound to help others relax, meditate, allowing the sound vibrations to flow through & around the person. ‘Gong Meditation’ is often referred to as a ‘Gong Bath’ as participants as ‘bathed’ in the Gong’s sound waves. These waves or vibrations allow the mind & body to become more relaxed, helping support the bodies own healing ability, increasing endorphins and lowering levels of cortisol.

Benefits from these treatments can include a sense of calm & wellbeing. There can also be a release of deep seated emotional blockages & greater emotional, psychological & spiritual understanding.

Our Gong Baths are unscripted we flow in meditation with you. So why not come along and join for a journey like no other. Rest, Relax, Restore.

Please aim to arrive between 7.15-7.25 doors will be closed at 7.25 to minimise disruption there will be no admission after this time.